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Idiom Quizzes - Colors

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:

  1. The girl was (very pleased) that she was chosen to represent her class at the competition.

    (a) blacked out (b) tickled pink (c) green with envy (d) out of the blue

  2. My boss is not very flexible and he always sees things (as either good or bad).

    (a) in the red (b) off-color (c) with flying colors (d) in black and white

  3. The government finally gave the city (permission) to build the new airport.

    (a) the green light (b) a horse of a different color (c) once in a blue moon (d) red tape

  4. Our company has been (losing money) for over three years now.

    (a) rolling out the red carpet (b) yellow-bellied (c) in the red (d) green

  5. It was a (memorable) day when the first person went to space in a rocket.

    (a) yellow-streak (b) white-elephant (c) red-herring (d) red-letter

  6. My brother passed the test to become a police officer (easily and with great success).

    (a) green (b) with flying colors (c) out of the blue (d) tickled pink

  7. Our company told us (suddenly and without any warning) that our factory would close next month.

    (a) out of the blue (b) once in a blue moon (c) with flying colors (d) pitch-black

  8. The mother (was very angry) when her daughter came home at 3 o`clock in the morning.

    (a) rolled out the red carpet (b) saw red (c) showed her true colors (d) looked at the world through rose-colored glasses

  9. The man argued with his wife until he was (very angry) but still she would not agree with him.

    (a) brown bagging it (b) in the black (c) blue in the face (d) a pot calling the kettle black

  10. I go to the swimming pool only (rarely) although I love to swim.

    (a) green around the gills (b) with flying colors (c) in the red (d) once in a blue moon

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